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*I’ve never really seen a make-up themed meme around here so I made one up. Feel free to add anything you think is missing or toss suggestions in my ask. 


  • What is your daily beauty routine?:  It’s not that difficult. I don’t use a primer on a daily basis, only when I need my make-up last for a really long time. Usually I use a foundation and a bit of concealer. After that I contour my face with a bronzer. My eye make-up is really simple. I use a neutral matte eyeshadows (UD Naked Basics is the one), black eyeliner and mascara. Then I do my brows with a matte eyeshadow and a clear brow gel. I don’t normally use a highlighter but I do highlight ing under my browbone and in the inner corner of my eyes. For lips I use a Revlon lip butters most of the time.
  • how old were you when you started wearing make-up?: I used lipglosses and lip balms since I was a child. I started to use powder and mascara when I was 14-15. I started to do a full face make-up in the last year on high school and that was 6 years ago. 

  • were you self taught or did you have help?: self-taught, sadly. I wish I was watching some tutorials though because sometimes my make-up looked really scary. 
  • bold eye or bold lip?: Neither? I use an eyeliner everyday but it’s still not exactly a bold eye. As for bold lip, I love red lipsticks but the dress code requires something reutral. I wear red lipstick on a special occasion though. 
  • classic or experimental?: classic, for sure. 
  • natural or dramatic?: natural for sure. 
  • drugstore or high end?: For make-up it’s drugstore. I do have some fancy high end stuff in my make-up bag but I think drugstores have some really awesome stuff. But for skin care I tend to use high end products
  • favourite “high end” brand?Urban Decay, Dior, Benefit, Nars. I’m not sure if MAC is considered high end, but I love their lipsticks. And I really want to try Tarte stuff
  • favourite “drugstore” brand?: Most of my stuff is either Revlon or Maybelline. Also I have some things from L’Oreal and Rimmel. And Real Techniques brushes are the best


  • favourite bold lipstick: MAC Russian Red. Classics, really ;) I also love Rimmel’s In love with Ginger and Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow. 
  • favourite nude lipstick: Revlon’s Just bitten lip stain in Honey. And I didn’t have to fill this one, so…  Also Revlon’s lip butter in Pink truffle. 
  • favourite lip gloss: Maybelline Color sensational lip shine in Glorious grapefruit and Revlon’s Super lustrous lip gloss in Berry allure
  • favourite lip treatment/balm: Nuxe Reve de miel
  • matte or glossy?: matte
  • sheer or opaque?both


  • favourite eyeliner: L’Oreal Super Slim eyeliner. I also love Maybelline gel eyeliner
  • favourite eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Basics. duh. I use it most of the time for my eyes and my eyebrows. Also I love Maybelline’s Bad to the bronze. It’s usually my second option. 
  • favourite mascaraMaybelline’s Falsies and Rocket Volume mascara. Also Benefit’s They’re real
  • favourite brow product: Actually I use UD Naked Basics as a powder, combination of Crave and Faint works perfect for me. As for brow gel I tried various stuff and still haven’t found the one
  • gel or liquid liner?: Both. 
  • cat eyes or smokey eyes?: Both as well though I prefer a neutral smoky eyes. 
  • glitter/metallic or matte?: Matte for sure


  • favourite cleanser: The Body Shop Tea Tree thing. I don’t remember the name exactly. 
  • favourite primer: I don’t normally use it. I have a Smashbox sample for special occasion and it looks pretty good
  • favourite foundation: Revlon Colorstay foundation for Oily skin. Although for summer I prefer something more lightweight so Revlon’s Nearly Naked is my choice for now. 
  • favourite concealer: Nars Creamy concealer in Vanilla. It’s perfect. 
  • favourite blush: I don’t use blush a lot but I love some stuff from Sephora kit. Also Corallista from Benefit
  • favourite highlighter: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch. It’s highlighting concealer though
  • favourite contour: The Body Shop Honey bronzer


  • favourite base coat: Essie’s First base. Millionails is rather good but not as good as First base
  • favourite top coat: Essie’s Good to go
  • favourite nail polish: For now it’s Essie’s Chubby cheeks and Bond with whomever
  • favourite brand: and it’s… ESSIE! I’m a fan, really. I also love Rimmel and OPI. Dance legend has some really good polishes too
  • nail art or solid color?: Solid
  • brights or neutrals?: Brights most of the time
  • acrylic/gel nails or natural?: Natural for sure. And with simple nail polishes and not this shellac thing. Ugh. 


  • who is your make-up idol?: I don’t have one
  • what is your favourite beauty blog?: Estee from Essiebutton
  • who is your favourite youtube beauty guru?: Essiebutton and Kayley Melissa
  • what famous make-up look have to tried to re-create(or want to try to)?: Nope, not anything specific


  • If you could only have 10 items of make-up what would they be?: Foundation, concealer, UD Naked Basics palette, eyeliner, clear brow gel, bronzer, mascara, bronzer, lipstick, setting powder
  • what make-up advice would you give your younger self?: watch beauty tutorials and do something with your eyebrows. 
  • what is your holy grail beauty product?: UD Naked Basics for sure. I use it as an eyeshadow, as a brow powder, the darkest colour can be used as eyeliner as well, one of the colours can be good for contouring, the lighest one is a good highlighter so… yeah! Definitely this one. 


when will people learn the difference between hero/protagonist and villain/antagonist

she is m i n e

The teacup that I shattered did come together.

My real self, the self I have always been from a child, is a loner and nerd, slightly overweight, with a very heavy fringe. That is who I was as a kid. I don’t think I will ever be anything other than that. ” - Hayley Atwell


- Before you checked yourself in here, you were working as an exorcist and master of the dark arts?

- That says master, does it? Well, I should really change that to petty dabbler. I hate to put on airs.

As for the feeling of donning an iconic outfit, such as Bucky’s trademark coat: "I’m not going to lie; it’s cool. You can’t help but think there’s going to be an action figure and a video game based on this, on you. It was like being 14 again and going outside to play on an afternoon - except you’re part of a multimillion-dollar movie"



Infinite list of favorite characters: Peggy Carter

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